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Spring & Summer Fun in Oroville, California

No matter what I want to say- Otown is home.  I remember thinking it was the most boring place on earth as I was growing up.  That all changed when I started writing.  Otown gave me lots to write about- and I loved that. It seems there is something for everyone in Otown.  One thing that I always thought was pretty cool about Otown are the murals scattered through town.  There are about 20 different murals that can be viewed. The Oroville Dam spillway has always been a favorite attraction for both locals & visitors. The dam contains the water in Lake Oroville, which is an area where many gather to play during the warmer months. Another popular Otown body of water is the Forebay.  It is definitely a favorite of many for cooling down & having some fun. Many also head to the Afterbay to launch their boats for a little fishing or skiing. I hope you enjoyed this little excursion in Otown.  If you like this post, be sure to like & share it s

Odd Pandemic Purchases

It all started with water & toilet paper.  I still don't get the toilet paper thing- I mean, it's an upper respiratory   thing not a diarrhea thing.  I wish someone would explain it to me. Next, it was cleaning supplies.  This made more sense, but if you are cleaning on a regular basis you shouldn't have to hoard supplies. Then, it progressed to Qtips.  This makes absolutely no sense.  What in the world are people doing with all of those Qtips?!?! Now, there is something even more bizarre disappearing from store shelves.  I'm not quite sure what it means but it definitely makes no sense whatsoever.  Watch the video below to see what new COVID hoarding is going on now.

COVID-19 and Phil

Image seems that information on how this COVID thing works & the future of COVID changes every day or two.  That is because this COVID thing is a brand new thing and no one really knows that much about it.  I mean, it only appeared on the scene a short time ago. However, this COVID thing has caused a lot of chaos, trauma, & sorrow.  That is why I felt compelled to make this little video.

Old Time Fiddlers

Every year around this time, the Old Time Fiddlers hold their annual competition in my hometown, Oroville, California.   Of course, this year it has been cancelled because of the Corona Virus.  Typically, though, crowds gather- some to participate in the battle of the strings, some to watch. It is an enjoyable, relaxing event that draws young and old from miles around each year.   It is unfortunate that the event will not be held this year, and string artists will be greatly missed.  But you can watch more fiddler videos on my YouTube channel .   To find out more about the history of the fiddlers & future events, check out their website .

Disinfectant PSA

I have been hearing about the Lysol scandal- it's all over the news.  Personally, I think it is ridiculous.  I mean- nothing was said about drinking Lysol.  I think it's time for the country to take a chill pill.

Pandemic Hoarding- It's Just Not Cool

The past several weeks have been a time of change, anxiety, and hoarding.  Yes- it's true.  People really are buying up all kinds of bizarre things & creating a stash like crazed chipmunks.  We really need to take a step back & check ourselves as a community and as individuals. Hoarding can create an environment of confusion and frenzy.  We really do need to slow down a little & really think about what we are doing. I hope this little video will help people to think about their purchases & make better choices.  😏

COVID Cloud Watching in Oroville, CA

I love taking pictures of interesting clouds. This one was taken on a wintery Otown day. I caught this interesting shot in August 2013. This one was taken in April 2014 I don't alter my photos because I want to share true images that I capture.  I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I do.  😊

Cookie's COVID Comfort Food

I so love to cook & wanted to share a "comfort food" dish- hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes.  YUM!!! As you can probably tell, this meal is fairly simple to make.  All you need is mashed potatoes... and hamburger gravy. Just watch my video to see how I made it.   It really is super yummy. In my video, I credit my grandmother, dad & brother for my cooking skills.  They really did have a lot to do with my abilities & love of cooking.  I tried to share a picture of my beautiful grandmother during the video but it didn't work out very well, so I wanted to include it in my blog so everyone can see her.  I miss her so much Sooooo...on a side note- in the video I talked about the banana bread I made yesterday.  Well...I went to my refrigerator to get something & noticed the eggs.  I realized I had forgotten to put the eggs in my banana bread yesterday.  OOOPSIE 😆 Oh well- that just goes to show that recipes are really only

Making Banana Bread With Cookie

I LOVE BAKING!!! The other day, one of my friends was talking about banana bread- So I just had to make some.    Check it out!

Making the Best of a COVID Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful day.  The picture above was taken at Loafer Creek in Oroville, California, in 2013.  Loafer Creek is a popular hangout for local residents during the spring & summer months.  Hopefully, all of us will be able to enjoy many such recreational excursions in the coming months. I took this picture about 7 years ago just before I moved from Oroville to the California Coast.  Nature never ceases to amaze me.  I was tootling along & spotted this tree that seemed to be stretching out to touch the moon & just had to get the shot.  Hope you like it.  😊