Cookie's COVID Comfort Food

I so love to cook & wanted to share a "comfort food" dish- hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes.  YUM!!!

As you can probably tell, this meal is fairly simple to make.  All you need is mashed potatoes...

and hamburger gravy.

Just watch my video to see how I made it.  

It really is super yummy.

In my video, I credit my grandmother, dad & brother for my cooking skills.  They really did have a lot to do with my abilities & love of cooking.  I tried to share a picture of my beautiful grandmother during the video but it didn't work out very well, so I wanted to include it in my blog so everyone can see her.  I miss her so much

Sooooo...on a side note- in the video I talked about the banana bread I made yesterday.  Well...I went to my refrigerator to get something & noticed the eggs.  I realized I had forgotten to put the eggs in my banana bread yesterday.  OOOPSIE 😆

Oh well- that just goes to show that recipes are really only guidelines.  With so many food allergies & intolerances out there, it is easy to adapt recipes to fit specific needs.  I think the reason my bread still turned out so good is because I don't always use exact measurements.  The buttermilk I added probably made up for the fluid volume the eggs would have provided.

Anyway- happy cooking. 😊


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