Spring & Summer Fun in Oroville, California

No matter what I want to say- Otown is home.  I remember thinking it was the most boring place on earth as I was growing up.  That all changed when I started writing.  Otown gave me lots to write about- and I loved that.

It seems there is something for everyone in Otown.  One thing that I always thought was pretty cool about Otown are the murals scattered through town.  There are about 20 different murals that can be viewed.

The Oroville Dam spillway has always been a favorite attraction for both locals & visitors.

The dam contains the water in Lake Oroville, which is an area where many gather to play during the warmer months.

Another popular Otown body of water is the Forebay.  It is definitely a favorite of many for cooling down & having some fun.

Many also head to the Afterbay to launch their boats for a little fishing or skiing.

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