Eating in Fort Bragg, California

Of course, anyone who knows me well knows my favorite place to eat is Taco Bell- and second is Pizza Hut.  Fort Bragg has both of these, but there are several other good places to eat as well.

Angelina's is your basic family restaurant. It is easily located on the main drag.  When I was living in Fort Bragg, I discovered they have karaoke.  No-- I did not participate but...

I do not typically go in search of hot dogs when I want to eat out.  However, one day I was looking for a quick snack while running errands & found a hot dog to die for at Columbi's Market & Deli.

If it's pizza you are after, there are two pizza houses that are always a good choiceBernillo's has really good pies

But the best place in town is D'Arelios.

It is a really popular place & is always packed.

They have super cheesy pizza that is muy nummy.

They also have pasta.  I tried their spaghetti.  It was ok.

The lasagna was much better.

Another popular place is Raven's.

Raven's is a pet friendly hotel with beautiful surroundings.

They serve organic, plant-based meals in a very inviting atmosphere.

They also have a spa & wellness services.

Mayan Fusion also has really good food.  I have never liked cole slaw, but I tried their's & its pretty good.

If it's sweets you want you just have to stop into the Sweet Affair on Main Street.  They have just what you are looking for.

If you have a favorite spot you like to eat at in Fort Bragg, share it below.  

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