Feather Fiesta Days In Oroville, California

Every year at this time, Feather Fiesta Days is celebrated in Otown.  Unfortunately, this year the event has been cancelled because of the Corona Virus.

This makes me very sad -- I grew up loving Feather Fiesta Days.  No doubt-like most Orovillians, I never thought something like this would happen.  Many will feel a certain emptiness with the absence of the annual festivities.

Even though it won't be the same, I want to do something special this week.  Starting today, I will post photos & videos from past Feather Fiesta Days. 

We can all share in the festivities online.  I hope everyone will find this to be a fun activity that will help to fill the void that will come from the cancellation of our beloved event.

Check back each day for fun stuph.  If you like the 2020 Feather Fiesta Days Online Version, be sure to share with others so they can enjoy it too.  

There will be some fun interactive activities throughout the week, so be sure to join in the virtual festivities.  😊


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