Feather Fiesta Days Museum Tours

It is a tradition for many to tour the Otown museums each year during FFD.

It does not matter how many times one has toured the museums-- it is simply a part of the annual festivities.

The Lott Home in Sank Park is definitely a favorite since it contains the story of the town's most famous lovebirds.

Even though the couple have long been gone, their car is still in the garage.  The gazebo is used for activities throughout the year.

The Chinese Temple also receives a lot of visitors this time of year.

People can tour the museum to learn more about the history of Chinese immigrants & see artifacts of those who lived in Otown.

The Pioneer Museum contains a rich history of the people & events of Otown.

There are clothes, toys & household items on display at the museum.

It is easy to spend an entire day just at this museum alone.

Bolt's Tool Museum is the newest museum to Otown.

Museum goers can learn about thousands of different tools here.

There are even informative lectures held to help interested ones learn about why specific tools were invented & how they were intended to be used.

The Bath House at the Nature Center is a great spot to relax.  Many walk the trails all year round.

The Ehmann Home contains facts about all things Olives.

The museum holds its own festival each year.

Attendees can snatch up all kinds of yummy treats.


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