Fort Bragg- Coastal California Paradise

Fort Bragg is just about the best place on earth.  Fort Bragg is a popular coastal town in Northern California. Many travelers have visited Fort Bragg during the summer for years. More recently, the area is becoming a desirable destination during all seasons. 

There are oodles of free beaches to go to in Fort Bragg.  Opportunities to observe animal life abound in this quaint little town. Whale watching tour boats are available during winter and spring seasons. Seals and sea lions frequently bask in the sun on rocks and fishing docks. Resident swans and heron are frequently seen throughout the town. Herds of deer graze in fields everywhere. Sightseers may even occasionally spot a turkey hanging out at the bluffs- or in the back of a vehicle at the store.

Different beaches have different features.  Many people go to Glass Beach in search of unique pieces of glass, metal, and stones.  You can also see various types of wildlife at this beach- such as crabs.

Seals like to hang out here as well & sun themselves.

You never know what you might see at the beaches.

While many tourists vacation in Fort Bragg for the amazing natural environment, others visit for the unique shopping experience or the wide variety of entertainment.  

Shoppers are in for a treat in downtown Fort Bragg. In addition to incredible creations found at art galleries, many pieces by local artists are found in shops and diners. Original jewelry, clothing, paintings, and other one of a kind items can be purchased at locally owned shops. 

Several of the stores participate in Fair Trade, and business owners work together to ensure the success of small town commerce. Additionally, diners and restaurants serve food and beverages produced by local farmers.

A smorgasbord of entertainment is always served up in this beautiful retreat. Musical events of just about every style are held in a variety of venues. Plays, Improv, dances, and other enticing activities for all tastes have taken place in Fort Bragg.  Angelina’s Grill and Bar even has karaoke. 

If it’s live music you’re after, stop into Headland’s Coffee House in the evenings. Just don’t get caught running around without a beard during Paul Bunyan Days or you might get arrested by the Kangaroo Kort.

The plants and other natural features are also pretty cool.  If you go to the NOYO Center or Mackerricher State Park, you can even see a whale skeleton.  

For many, the best entertainment will be the breathtaking coastal sunsets. These can be enjoyed from one of the beachfront hotels. Some visitors, however, will prefer to watch the sun melt into the sea while walking along the beach or sitting atop one of the magnificent bluffs. 

Trails scattered throughout the area make the perfect setting for a sunset—or sunrise—stroll. MacKerricher State Park, Noyo Headlands Park, and Glass Beach are just a few of the enjoyable outdoor areas of Fort Bragg.

In the evenings, you can watch the boats returning from sea.

If you go at just the right time, you can find diamonds on the water.

Some who visit Fort Bragg come just to ride the Skunk Train. The train takes passengers on an enchanting adventure through the forest to Willits

Some choose to extend their journey by having the conductor drop them off at a campground about half-way through the trip. It is an exciting journey of exploring the environment and history of past Mendocino residents. Riders experience a wonderful excursion with many opportunities to observe local wildlife. 

Visit Fort Bragg soon for an experience of a lifetime. For more information on interesting sites and activities, check out their Facebook page.


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