NOYO Headlands Park In Fort Bragg, California

The area where Noyo Headlands Park is located was inaccessible to the general public for over a century.  Since December 2015, the scenic bluffs have been open to anyone who would like to hang out there.  

In the past, it was part of an Indian reservation. It also served as the site for Georgia Pacific Mill for many years. The mill closed in 2002, and the area remained inaccessible. At the end of 2015, after long negotiations, the site was restructured and opened to nature lovers.

The amazing recreational addition leads visitors down a paved trail of beauty with intriguing features. Waves continually crash up against the bluffs, where unique benches have been strategically placed. Near the beginning of the trail are found a historical cemetery and Skip's Punchbowl. It is a collapsed cave that now serves as an amazing tourist attraction.  

Walkers, joggers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can climb a boulder to capture that perfect picture, sit on a whale-shaped bench, or check out a former air strip located within the park. The approximately mile-long trail leads to a water treatment plant, and an awesome view. 

Another popular feature of the park is the Crow's Nest Educational Center.  Visitors can learn all kinds of things about the ocean & sea life.

Dogs are welcome on leashes.  There is also a fenced dog park located at the south end of the park, where pups can frolic freely.

The views are great- no matter what the weather is like.  People can be seen hanging out at the park rain or shine- even in the fog.


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