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It's National Sunglasses Day!

Sunglasses can make you look totally cool- but did you know that there are some really great health reasons to wear sunglasses? Sunglasses help reduce glare & protect your eyes from UV rays.  They can also lower the risk of cataracts & macular degeneration. Oprah's website states that sunglasses help prevent skin cancer.  Apparently, up to 10% of skin cancers form on the eyelids.  Sunglasses can even help you avoid getting sunburns on your eyes.  It's true!

Cruisin' Down to Clearlake, California

Clearlake is about two hours southeast of the Mendocino Coastline.  It is a popular vacation spot for many Californians- especially during the summer.  There are a lot of fun activities to take part in for those who choose to hang out in Clearlake . The Lake Marina Inn is a convenient place to stay.  It is right on the highway- and right on the water.  It has the perfect view of Mount Konocti .  The Lake Marina Inn has just about everything you want from a game room to a deck with a grill to a boat launch.   The rooms have some great views.  There are even some rooms with kitchenettes.  It is close to town, where you can find some fun & interesting activities & yummy treats .    Another place to stay in Clearlake is the Super 8 Motel.  While it is not on the water, it is still close to town & amenities.    Clearlake is a great place for catch-and-release fishing, picnics in the park or just hanging out & relaxing.

Yokayo Ranch In Ukiah, California

Yokayo Ranch , located just outside of Ukiah, is a vacationer’s dream. The 100-acre resort provides lodging for groups of up to 20 people. The venue is perfect for an overnight stay or a week-long vacation. Two large houses and two cozy cabanas create the perfect setting for weddings, family reunions, meetings, and more. With a total of eight bedrooms, a pool, hot tub, a piano, wet bar, and large-screen projector system, it is the ideal place for your next event. Books and games are available for some old-fashioned entertainment. Rustic furnishings, made by Tom Boek, are available for purchase. Gather around the fireplace and sing, while grandma plays the piano. Take a peaceful walk on one of the resort’s trails.  Or whip up a yummy treat in the kitchen stocked with all the utensils you will need.    The rooms are cozy & comfortable.  If camping is your thing, they even have that option.  Not only that but Yokayo Ranch is even a working farm. Just minutes from town, it is in the pe

Experience The Rejuvenating Vichy "Champagne Baths" of Ukiah, California

Just outside of Ukiah lies a unique haven that many of the locals don’t even know about. It is no secret. There are signs everywhere. It has been there for over 160 years. Yet, it remains undiscovered by many Mendocino residents. Vichy Springs is a heavenly escape from the demands of life. A variety of cottages and rooms provide accommodations for just about any traveler. Two of the cottages are handicapped accessible, equipped with roll-in showers. Each unit has an amazing view of the natural landscaping. All cottages and rooms are just steps away from the relaxing soaking tubs. Guests staying in Creekside Rooms can enjoy the soothing sound of the creek all night as they sleep. Because the environment is designed to help guests relax and unwind, no televisions are provided. The alternate “entertainment” is much more enjoyable. Special requests of flowers and/or chocolate dipped strawberries placed in rooms are also granted. Walking through the gates of Vichy Springs takes guests int

Day Trip To Leggett, California, To See the Drive Through Chandelier Tree

Not far north of Fort Bragg, California, is an amazing thing-- the Chandelier Tree in Leggett.  The drive from Fort Bragg to Leggett is a beautiful one with many opportunities for recreational activities along the way.   If you decide to go on this adventure, be careful & keep your eyes on the road.  There are plenty of spots to pull off the highway & take in the serene sights & sounds. As you leave town, you will pass through Cleone , a small “town” where MacKerricher State Park is located. MacKerricher holds a day of activities in itself, so don’t get sidetracked. But be sure to make plans to go there on another day, because it is a great place to hang out. The next very small town you will pass through is Inglenook. It is an enchanting little area with cozy homes and farms lining the road. You can usually see cows grazing fairly close to the road. The coastal view is also awesome along this short stretch of the drive. Again — be careful — there are many opportunities

Guest House Museum in Fort Bragg, California

A must see in Fort Bragg is the Guest House Museum on Main Street.  The Guest House Museum was built in 1892 on the property that had previously been the location of the Fort Bragg Army Post Hospital.  The museum was originally built as a guest house by settler, Charles Russell Johnson. He constructed the building of the choicest old-growth Redwood and Douglas Fir to ensure the comfort of visiting friends and business associates. The three-story house initially possessed seven fireplaces. However, after the 1906 earthquake it was updated with a more modern heating system. The remaining three fireplaces were augmented by electricity and running hot and cold water. Johnson also installed a wet bar on the first floor and a large billiard room on the third floor, which is now inaccessible to the public. The museum now contains artifacts from the town’s logging, railroading, fishing, and shipping era. Visitors can go back in time to the days when lumber was being harvested to build San Fra

Westport, California- A Quiet Coastal Retreat

Westport is an old logging community, now a relaxing getaway for vacationers and home to about 300 people. The small village is located about 15 miles north of Fort Bragg , California. The pace of the quaint, Mayberry-like area is slow and the people are friendly. Westport has one store that sells sandwiches, cold drinks, souvenirs, and has the only gas pump in town. The post office, built out of an old chicken coop, is just behind the store. In the center of the tiny village, there is a community center and school.  Although the community is small, there are a wide variety of recreational activities available for residents and visitors. Classes in yoga and painting are offered. There are even occasional barbecues and wine tasting events. The Headlands provide the perfect gateway to the beach, and there is even accessibility for handicapped ocean lovers. Westport has a monthly newsletter called the Wave , designed to keep readers up to date on people, events, and environmental concerns