Westport, California- A Quiet Coastal Retreat

Westport is an old logging community, now a relaxing getaway for vacationers and home to about 300 people. The small village is located about 15 miles north of Fort Bragg, California.

The pace of the quaint, Mayberry-like area is slow and the people are friendly. Westport has one store that sells sandwiches, cold drinks, souvenirs, and has the only gas pump in town. The post office, built out of an old chicken coop, is just behind the store. In the center of the tiny village, there is a community center and school. 

Although the community is small, there are a wide variety of recreational activities available for residents and visitors. Classes in yoga and painting are offered. There are even occasional barbecues and wine tasting events. The Headlands provide the perfect gateway to the beach, and there is even accessibility for handicapped ocean lovers.

Westport has a monthly newsletter called the Wave, designed to keep readers up to date on people, events, and environmental concerns of the area. 

Wonderful accommodations are available to visitors through the local Inns, each with its own unique amenities. 

Westport is the perfect destination to get away from it all. Even vacationers staying in other Mendocino locations can benefit from the peaceful environment of Westport since it is so close to other local vacation hot spots.

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