My Thoughts On Hint Water & Global Cash Card

I ordered some hint water.  You may have seen the commercials on TV.  Apparently, the woman who created it did so initially for her own personal use.  She then sold the water from her garage before going on to market it publicly.

All of the flavors are shown on their website & small gifts have been sent with some orders.  I did see hint in the store one day, but only a few flavors were stocked.  If you would rather not make a large order just to try it, you can see if there is a store near you that carries hint by entering your zip code on their website store locater page.

Another product that I did not choose to use is the Global Cash Card.  My employer uses it to pay their employees.  The card is a pain to use.  Since it is a "cash card" instead of an actual debit or credit card it has limitations.  One time, a postal worker even refused to accept it when I was sending packages & buying stamps.

There have been several occasions where the card was declined - EVEN WHEN THE FUNDS WERE ON THE CARD.  Calling in doesn't do a whole lot of good because the operators are not real helpful.  I checked out their Facebook page & found oodles of complaints.  Of course, the people who manage the page always want those who complain to send private messages- basically just damage control.  I am so glad to be free of this card.

To hear more about my experiences, watch the video above.  😊


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