Butte County Virtual Fair 2020

The Butte County Fair has been a family fun favorite for 75 years.  Unfortunately, the fair was cancelled this year because of COVID.  Although we are unable to attend the festivities this year, that does not mean we can't have some fair fun.  I have tons of pictures & videos from the 2013 fair.  These pictures were taken exactly 7 years ago.  I actually came up with the theme for that year's fair- Harvest A Bushel of Fun.

There are some fair events still taking place- such as the steer auction.  It will be held online.  To find out more, check out the fair website page.

There are always a lot of fun things happening at the fair & we can keep that fun going online.  If you see yourself or something you entered that year, be sure to comment below.  Also, if you had planned on entering this years events, share that as well.  It would be great to see all of the creativity that transpired this year.


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