Suicide Awareness Month- An Opportunity To Develop A Habit of Being More Supportive of Others

September is Suicide Awareness Month.  For some, life can be hard to deal with under normal circumstances- but with all of the chaotic events over the past several months things can seem overwhelming.

Life always has a way of presenting situations that can bring you down. The challenge in this is finding a way to rise above the occasions. Remember, every event in life makes you who you are. It is important that one NEVER allows any specific event to mold him or her negatively. Always fight to come out the other side stronger.

One factor that will aid individuals to remain strong and optimistic is the support of friends- I spend a lot of time with mine.  COVID has made this difficult to do with sheltering in place & social distancing.  While social media can actually isolate a person further because participants are staring at a screen, Zoom meetings can help friends & families stay close.  Even though Zoom does not provide close, personal interaction, it does allow meaningful human interaction.

Another great way to keep from being sucked into the black pit of despair is to do what you love. I love to write and paint.  I also love photography.  These activities not only bring me immense joy, but they also allow me to (hopefully) encourage others and spread the joy.

One big aid in my keeping a positive attitude is regular Bible reading. I get a lot of comfort from reading the Bible. Reading and meditating on various passages helps me to make better decisions in my life. This, in turn, helps me avoid excess stress and depressing moments.

I feel everyone should have a good support group, do things they love, and take encouraging information into their minds. By doing these things, it is much easier to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and strong.

Many people are struggling to remain happy and optimistic during these tumultuous times.  I want to encourage my readers to be aware and supportive to others.  Those who are depressed or suicidal often do not reach out for help because they are trapped in a deep pit.  Please, be there for them.  Be kind to others- even if you do not know them.  You never know who is struggling and who might be contemplating suicide.  Be their way out of the hole.  And if you are depressed or contemplating suicide- please reach out for help.


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