To Mask Or Not To Mask

There is a huge controversy over mask wearing right now.  Some are diligent in wearing masks. Others say the whole mask-wearing issue is a huge farce and conspiracy.  I have to say, I feel very strange wearing a mask in certain places.  I mean- just a year ago if you had walked into an airport or a bank with a mask on security would be all over you.  Now if you walk into just about anywhere all sorts of people might want to lynch you- literally.

There are some who refuse to wear a mask because it infringes on their constitutional rights. have the right to possibly infect others?  This shows a major lack of respect for the safety and well being of others.  It is a very selfish view.  Many of these individuals believe that COVID is not real or that the threat is not actually as bad as some present it to be.  HELLOOO- people are experiencing horrible, traumatic deaths with extreme suffering because of this virus.

One of the biggest factor that causes people to feel that masks do not prevent or slow the spread of this illness, or any other for that matter, is that they believe that masks do nothing to protect anyone.  As a medical professional, this belief just astounds me.  Why in the world do these people think that medical workers wear protective gear such as gowns, gloves and MASKS?!?!?!  It is not just a fashion statement or a stylish fad.  These devices have been proven to prevent the spread of disease.  

There is so much evidence out there that proves masks are effective when worn properly.  You can check out just a few by clicking on the links incorporated in this post. Be part of the solution- not part of the problem.  Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands.


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