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Fun Stuph at Dinaland Golf Course In Vernal, Utah

I don't golf but I came across this course in Vernal and wanted to share it with you- just in case you do golf. It has 18 different courses that you can check out if you are ever there.  They have a special program for kids called the Junior Golf Clinic.  They will teach kiddos the basics of golfing and even have a few clubs available for use if you don't have your own. There is also a café at the course with some yummy goodies you can snack on.  After all, you wouldn't want to starve to death on the green. Be sure to check out my other posts about Utah , along with my past posts in California .  And be sure to subscribe because there is lots of fun stuph coming up.

Cookie's Review Of The PharMeDoc Blue Memory Pillow

I recently bought a PharMeDoc Memory Pillow off of the WalMart website.  Did you know you can buy just about anything off of the WalMart website- even stuph from other sites?  But anyway- I digress. I bought this pillow thinking it would be great because I have neck problems & regular pillows don't always work very well for me.  It actually was not a good choice for me, as you can see in my video.  I had problems right away because of the smell of the pillow.  I don't know why they use such evasive chemicals in the production of products.  I really don't see the benefits to this. The next issue I had was that it does not tolerate normal maintenance.  It could not even hold up through the first wash.  I did not put it through the drier because I don't know exactly what this thing is made of & I'm not sure what would happen to it if I exposed it to that- especially after not making it intact through the washer.  Actually, maybe that is a good experiment- LOL.

Join Me In A Virtual Expedition To McConkie Ranch Near Vernal, Utah

Just outside Vernal, Utah, is a pretty interesting spot- McConkie Ranch .  This family ranch is on an Historical site brimming with ancient Petroglyphs.  It is easily accessible & a fun family activity that is also educational.  It is actually a pretty popular recreational area with some awesome scenery. Many people go to the ranch & hike the trails in seek of the drawings & carvings that past inhabitants left behind.  Unfortunately, when I went I had some physical limitations so I was not able to go up the trails.  I hope to go again someday though.  It would be totally cool to see.  You can find more pictures that others have posted on the Alltrails site.

Can You Believe It's Been Six Months?!?!?!

I have been writing Cookie’s Cabal for six months now.  I have been having a lot of fun posting photos of my travels and other fun stuph.  I can’t believe I have spent the past six months writing about California.  I guess it only makes sense since I grew up in California.  I hope you have enjoyed our virtual jaunt around California as much as I have. Now I am ready to start sharing some other places I have been.   I shared my first Utah post the other day.   It’s funny because I never thought I would ever go to Utah- but I’m glad I did.   There was some pretty neat stuph to do & see there.   I think you will really like what I will be sharing about Utah over the next few weeks.   Get ready for some awesome sights! I will also be posting some other fun stuph.   I have been posting twice a week & plan to continue doing so- at least for now.   I have some perty cool stuph in mind that I think you all will find fun & interesting.   If you have any ideas or suggestions in r

Virtual Field Trip to Utah

I travel for work and have driven from California to New York twice.  I had the time of my life. Initially, I started doing traveling jobs a couple of years ago because I wanted to go to New York.  I wanted to do some tours in New York, so I figured if I took traveling assignments I would have income for lodging & whatever "touristy" stuph I wanted to do. I took a permanent position after going to New York twice but now I just can't sit still- plus there is a major need for healthcare workers everywhere- soooo... I am bouncing around again. I have seen some pretty cool stuph & want to share my experiences with you.  I have been sharing a lot of California excursions because I grew up in California & figured that was a good place to start. Now, I want to share some of the amazing things I have seen in other states.  I hope you are enjoying the virtual field trips I have been posting. We will now head to Utah.  There are some breathtaking scenic views in Utah. 

Mail Abuse By the Postal Service

This post is about 10 years in the making.  Several years ago I sold Princess House Crystal.  I had sold a cake dish online & went to the post office to send it to the buyer.  I was explaining to the postal clerk that the item was fragile & even told the clerk what the item was.  I stressed how important it was for the item to be handled carefully.  The clerk responded that once packages entered the postal delivery process ALL PACKAGES ARE THROWN .  I was shocked and frustrated.   I had packed the cake dish carefully and insured it.   I had written fragile on the box- but it still faced a tumultuous future.   Fortunately, the cake dish made it in one piece, but I still felt frustrated & helpless.   I knew that no matter what precautions I took at any point of sending any package through the United States Postal Service questionable circumstances existed. Jump forward to two month ago.   As many of my readers know, I travel a lot for work.   At the end of my last assignm

Virtual Visit to the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, California

I had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles a couple of times during the past couple of years for work.  They put me up in a pretty nice hotel. On my way out of town the first time, I stopped into the Getty Museum for a tour.  The place is pretty magnificent.  It is set up like an ancient Roman Country House.  The grounds are beautiful and awesome views are everywhere since it is on the coastline. It is a real shame that the museum is closed because of COVID.  The gardens are the perfect spot to sit and relax.  Visitors usually sit and take in the breathtaking sights while talking with a favorite companion.  Inside, there are a plethora of antiques and sculptures to check out.   It is quite the excursion.  I am so glad I toured the Getty before the pandemic struck.  If the museum opens again & the opportunity arises, I would highly recommend touring the Getty.  In the meantime, enjoy these photos I snapped.

Be Kind- Do Good

There is so much tragedy in the world- it seems that every day there is some new horrible thing that has happened.  Some people don't read or watch the news because they just can't take all of the traumatic events.  It's just too depressing . Whether you partake of the news or not, there are ways you can improve the situation.  It starts with being kind and compassionate.  You never know when tragedy will come your way and you will need the kindness, patience, and compassion of others- so exercise those same traits freely while your seas are smooth. My family recently experienced a loss.  It wasn't as severe as tragedies some have suffered, so I don't want to spend too much time on it; but it just shows that trauma and loss comes everyone's way eventually.  We recently lost a family treasure.  My mom's aunt & uncle had built a cabin in Feather Falls, California, during the gold mining era.  It was recently destroyed by fire.  As my brother said- all that

Bounty of Butte County

The Bounty of Butte County is an annual event that takes place each fall.  It has become another casualty in the COVID pandemic.  Many are disappointed the event will not be held this year.  Hopefully, reminiscing on the 2013 event in this virtual Bounty of Butte County will help to fill the void. Butte County businesses congregated at Sank Park on Sunday, September 29, 2013, to reveal all of the gems that are contained in the area. When the gates opened, eager samplers entered the park and were greeted by the smooth, sassy vocals of Holly Taylor. Residents bought their tickets and were on their way to a feast Templeton would have fainted over. Maisie Jane’s and Tin Roof Bread Company came over from Chico for the event. A variety of beer and wines were available for tasting, and for those who preferred non-alcoholic beverages water and soda were among the choices. In honor of the Salmon Festival, Salmon Sliders were served. There were also other delicious choices, such as chili from So