Bounty of Butte County

The Bounty of Butte County is an annual event that takes place each fall.  It has become another casualty in the COVID pandemic.  Many are disappointed the event will not be held this year.  Hopefully, reminiscing on the 2013 event in this virtual Bounty of Butte County will help to fill the void.

Butte County businesses congregated at Sank Park on Sunday, September 29, 2013, to reveal all of the gems that are contained in the area.

When the gates opened, eager samplers entered the park and were greeted by the smooth, sassy vocals of Holly Taylor. Residents bought their tickets and were on their way to a feast Templeton would have fainted over.
Maisie Jane’s and Tin Roof Bread Company came over from Chico for the event. A variety of beer and wines were available for tasting, and for those who preferred non-alcoholic beverages water and soda were among the choices.

In honor of the Salmon Festival, Salmon Sliders were served. There were also other delicious choices, such as chili from Souper Subs. The event occurred just in time for their first anniversary. Treats on skewers as well as fruits and veggies were served also.

Then there were the desserts. Coffee Diem served up some of their delicious treats. It was a veritable smorgasbord indeed!
There were even some chain businesses involved in the affair. Raley’s hosted a booth to let people know about their awesome Rewards Program.  Round Table Pizza and Taco Bell were also included at the Bounty of Butte County. 

All appeared to be having a thoroughly enjoyable time, including the granddaughter of Trudi Angel, who runs the Northern California Ballet. Trudi’s granddaughter won a personal pizza from Round Table by spinning the Wheel of Prizes.

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