Cookie's Review Of The PharMeDoc Blue Memory Pillow

I recently bought a PharMeDoc Memory Pillow off of the WalMart website.  Did you know you can buy just about anything off of the WalMart website- even stuph from other sites?  But anyway- I digress.

I bought this pillow thinking it would be great because I have neck problems & regular pillows don't always work very well for me.  It actually was not a good choice for me, as you can see in my video.  I had problems right away because of the smell of the pillow.  I don't know why they use such evasive chemicals in the production of products.  I really don't see the benefits to this.

The next issue I had was that it does not tolerate normal maintenance.  It could not even hold up through the first wash.  I did not put it through the drier because I don't know exactly what this thing is made of & I'm not sure what would happen to it if I exposed it to that- especially after not making it intact through the washer.  Actually, maybe that is a good experiment- LOL.

On top of that, using this pillow is like having an extra mattress under your head.  It is that thick.  Sleeping with this thing under my head would have been worse than using a normal pillow that goes flat.  It's a big, fat no for me.

I hope you found this review helpful & informative.  Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss any of my future posts- there is a lot more fun stuph to come. 😏


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