Virtual Visit to the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, California

I had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles a couple of times during the past couple of years for work.  They put me up in a pretty nice hotel.

On my way out of town the first time, I stopped into the Getty Museum for a tour.  The place is pretty magnificent.  It is set up like an ancient Roman Country House.  The grounds are beautiful and awesome views are everywhere since it is on the coastline.

It is a real shame that the museum is closed because of COVID.  The gardens are the perfect spot to sit and relax.  Visitors usually sit and take in the breathtaking sights while talking with a favorite companion.  Inside, there are a plethora of antiques and sculptures to check out.  

It is quite the excursion.  I am so glad I toured the Getty before the pandemic struck.  If the museum opens again & the opportunity arises, I would highly recommend touring the Getty.  In the meantime, enjoy these photos I snapped.


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