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Today I would like to address something a little more serious.  Many people spend a lot of time doing something they know is bad for them, yet they do it anyway.  If you watched my video, you already know I am talking about smoking.

I don't want to "come down" on you or present this in a negative, condescending way.  After all, I used to smoke too.  I quit smoking 30 years ago and am so glad I did.  I have asthma and can only imagine how much difficulty I would have breathing if I hadn't quit when I did.  

I really don't have to spend too much time imagining it after watching my dad suffer for years & spending 25 years working with people who have respiratory problems from smoking.  I quit "cold turkey" but not everyone is able to do that.

I always tell people it is easy to quit.  I did it several times.  All you have to do is put the cigarettes, cigar, pipe, etc. down & say you are not going to do it anymore.  The hard part is to keep from starting again.  Nicotine is a very addictive substance.  But that is not the only issue involved here.

I learned very quickly after quitting for the final time that I had a hand-to-mouth "security" issue.  I would often find myself with a pencil, baby carrot, or some other object in my mouth- usually between my first & second fingers.  It was almost like a security blanket.  It actually kind of stunned me.

I am really glad I quit.  There are all kinds of negative results from smoking.  And do you know what is in those things?!?!?!  Vapes aren't any better.  They have the same ingredients.  Plus, they can blow up in your face.  Do yourself a favor & quit smoking.  I have included links to help you quit.  Just click on the highlighted text to learn more.

If you have any questions or ideas for more posts, comment below.  I would be happy to post more to help you succeed in your efforts to quit smoking.  And be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any posts.  😊


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