Let's Tour The Dinosaur Quarry In Vernal, Utah

I never thought I would go to Utah- ever.  I am so glad I did, though.  Utah has some beautiful, breathtaking scenery.  If you have never been to Utah, I highly recommend it.  There are tons of activities you can do there that are perfect for social distancing.

One thing I discovered about Utah is there are oodles of dinosaur fossils throughout the state.  I was surprised and delighted to be able to see these amazing artifacts.  The Dinosaur Quarry in Vernal is particularly awesome.  Not only is it just about the coolest looking museum I have ever seen, but when you walk in you are actually in the archeological dig itself.

Visitors are able to walk in between thousands of dinosaur bones and even touch them.  How cool is that?!?!?!  Rangers are there to tell about the museum & answer questions.  If you are ever in Vernal, you really should check this place out!

I give the Dinosaur Quarry a great big Cookie Cheer. 


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