National Bible Week- Day 4

After yesterday's post many of you may be thinking- why in the world would I want to live forever on this messed up Earth.  And you would be right.  The world is a chaotic environment filled with trauma.  Most people would agree that these are not the conditions one wants to stay in for long.

But - when you look around, there are many beautiful, wonderful things to enjoy.  We have refreshing forests that smell just amazing.  There are breathtaking natural sights all around us from the ocean to plunging cliffs and mountains.  And don't get me started on the vast variety of unique wildlife we have to observe on a daily basis, not to mention our domestic pets with their antics.

Plus, we have the promises from God that He is going to fix this mess.  Yesterday, I referred to a couple of scriptures in Psalms chapter 37.  If you read that entire chapter, you will find more information about the actions God will take to reverse all of the negative elements of this world.  

Isaiah chapters 55 & 65 describes some of the benefits that will come from this "clean up" effort.  Revelation 21:3&4 also contains information about additional benefits we will experience at that time.  It will be an awesome thing to see.

When will this time come, you might be asking.  Come back tomorrow & I will help you find the answer to that question.


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