National Bible Week- Day 5

People have been wondering for years when the last days would be here.  Jesus' disciples asked him this very question when he was on earth.  Jesus did not give them a direct answer.  You may be surprised to learn that at the time Jesus did not know the answer.  He did, however, give a description of things to look for that would signal the end of wickedness was near.

In each of the four Gospels of the Bible-- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John-- you can find the signs that Jesus said to watch for.  For instance, Matthew chapter 24 tells about many things that would happen on a worldwide scale indicating that the end was near.  Once the completion of these signs have occurred, a wonderful future is in store for us.

To find out what that future is, be sure to come back tomorrow.  And be sure to subscribe so you won't miss anything.


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