National Bible Week- Day 6

When God created Adam and Eve, He put them in an amazing paradisiac garden.  He gave the first couple only one command- don't eat from one specific tree.  If they ate from the tree they would die.  Now, if these first two people had listened to God, where do you think they would be right now?  

Well, considering they would only die if they ate from the tree, if they hadn't disobeyed and ate from that tree they would still be alive right now-- on the earth.  It was God's initial intention that they live on the Earth forever.  And refraining from eating from one tree really shouldn't have been that hard since they had an abundance of other trees, bushes and other plants to choose from.

Unfortunately, they didn't listen and lost the privilege of living forever on the Earth.  They died- just like God said they would.  However, God's original purpose for humans and the Earth has not changed.  God still intends for people to live forever on a paradise.  You may be thinking that Earth is too far gone to ever become a paradise, but nothing is impossible for God.  He created the universe-- He certainly can fix the problems that exist.

There are many scriptures in the Bible that tell about what the Earth will be like in the future.  Just a few of them are in Psalms chapter 37, Isaiah chapter 65, and Revelation Chapter 21.  The Bible tells us how we can live on this paradise.  You can learn how you can be in that paradise through Bible study lessons.  Just click here for this program.  You can do the lessons all on your own and you won't get a bunch of spam from the website.  You don't even have to sign up- just start learning. 😊


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