Let's Make Broccoli Cheese Fritters!

I love to cook, and today I want to share a recipe I am trying.  I explained how to make it in the video above-- Of course, I forgot to mention that you are supposed to put parmesan cheese in it- but all of the ingredients are shown below.

It is possible to leave the cheese out if you don't like cheese or just don't have any.  Or you could use some other type of cheese.  I believe that recipes are meant to be altered.  If they weren't, we would never have any variety & we would be eating the same thing all the time.  In fact, the directions in this recipe suggest other modifications you could make- as you can see here.

Once you get everything all mixed up, it's time to throw it in the oven.  You could use this as an appetizer, a light meal or a side dish to go along with a meat.  Let me know if you tried this recipe in the comments below.  How did you like it?  

I tried it right after I baked it.  It tasted OK- I think it might be good with fish-- maybe Alaskan Salmon😏.  

Next week we will make split pea soup. 


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