Cookie's Consumer Tips

The old saying goes "the customer is always right" - but in these chaotic times it doesn't always seem to be practiced.  If you have occasions where you feel you are not getting the best service, you may want to use a few of the tips in this video.

In such situations, it is important to remember another saying- "patience is a virtue."  Start out speaking kindly to the person you contact.  Present the facts without getting your emotions involved.  Be firm but congenial.  Progress with more firmness but remain calm & reasonable.  Never yell or use belligerent language.

I prefer to use email because then I have proof of what I have done to get results- not the online submission forms found on some websites but email sent from my personal account.  It is difficult to get court approval for recordings of phone conversations if you end up having to go that route.  

If you have to use the phone & can't accomplish anything with the first person you talk to, ask to speak to a supervisor.  Legally, you have the right to talk with a supervisor & cannot be denied this request.  If you are able to get pictures or video proof- by all means do so.  This carries a lot more weight in accomplishing what you want than just words.

Again, remember to be calm, civil, & firm.  Once you lose control of your emotions & words you lose power- transferring that power to the entity you are dealing with.

Follow these tips & you will have better results.  It may not always end the way you want but at least the odds are more in your favor.


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