A Brief Visit To The Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Fair- And I Do Mean Brief

There are two things I do whenever I go somewhere new for a travel job assignment if the opportunity arises.  One is go to the zoo- the other is go to the fair.
The first time I went to the Scottsbluff Fair I walked around the entire area three times before realizing that was all there was.  Besides the small carnival, there was one building with exhibits, a tiny building with some poultry & a few bunnies, a modest livestock area & a few food trucks.
The second time I went last year it was even smaller.  There was no carnival because of COVID.  They did have a sold out Monster Truck Show though.
The Scottsbluff County Fair has been around since 1887 & actually has fun events the entire week.  This year activities were modified because of the pandemic, but there was still a lot to do.  They had dueling pianos & a demo derby.  They also had a hay bale decorating contest.  Each participant created their designs at their house & a map was provided for spectators so they could drive around & see them.
It's actually a pretty fun little fair- as you can see.  Now you can officially say you have been to the Scottsbluff County Fair.


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