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Scammers Are Intensifying During the Pandemic

It seems that scam emails & texts are rapidly increasing.  It does not seem a day goes by that I don't get a scam email, a scam text or both.  I have reduced the number of emails that come through by blocking the sender, but there is always another one out there.  Phone numbers can usually be blocked also.  It is a good idea to protect yourself in any way you can. This is not my first post about scams , but since they appear to be on the rise I thought I would put out another warning.  Be careful out there- don't let these scums take advantage of you.

Great Memories of The Buffalo, New York, Zoo

I had a fun time at the Buffalo Zoo in New York.  It was so awesome to be able to explore an area outside of Cali .  I loved Buffalo and was glad I got to visit this zoo .  I did not get to visit it twice like I typically like to do but I did get to spend quite a bit of time with my favorite animal- I love polar bears.  I think it is so cool that their fur is clear-- and their ears are so cute.  This one entertained me for quite a while.

Look Out New York

I don't typically post photos that I didn't take, but I had one of my friends take this picture of me & wanted to share it. I have driven from California to New York twice now.  I did several tours at the Met Museum.  If you are not able to go to New York, they do virtual tours.  I highly recommend checking them out.  They are a lot of fun & very informative. This is one of my favorite shots from my New York trips- very nostalgic.   I could not believe how many tulips there were in New York.  They were everywhere ! They seem to be a little confused about the street names in some areas though. And just for fun-- here is a video of my friend's kitty watching the snow.

Cell Phone Saga

Sooo...I got a new cell phone.  You can find out all about it in the video above.  For some reason, it did not transfer all of my contacts, so I will have to do that manually.  Oh well, it will be a good opportunity to weed out numbers I no longer need. My new phone has tons of preloaded apps, so I will have to go through those & eliminate the ones I don't want.  Some I have no clue what they are.  I figure if I don't already have them I won't use them anyway.  Some are things I would never use & don't want them taking up space on my screen.  I'm happy to have my new phone.   

Sweet Finds In Scranton, Pennsylvania

The first time I went to New York a couple of years ago, I stopped in Scranton to see one of my friends.  I had been telling her I was coming to visit her for a couple of years-- I think she stopped believing me.  She was so surprised when I showed up. She has a little diner called Paradise Soulfood & Sweets in the mall there.  She makes all kinds of yummy treats.  You never know what she will be cookin' up.  I got to sample her little cobblers the day I went to check out her set up. The mall has a pretty cool elevator.   There is also a train behind the mall and people were taking rides.  I kind of regret not riding it when I was there but I really didn't have time. If you are ever in Scranton, be sure to check out Paradise Soulfood & Sweets.  It's pretty much guaranteed you will find something you like.  Tell her Cookie sent you.   😊

It's Time To Spring Forward For Daylight Savings Time

Would someone remind me why we are doing this?  Arizona & Hawaii don't even participate in the ritual.  The only perk I see from changing our clocks is we get to be time travelers Saturday night.  If someone else can give me another benefit I am willing to listen.  It doesn't mean I will agree but I will listen. 😆 A lot of you are looking forward to Spring.  I get that you are tired of the cold weather but for me Spring just means more things that I am allergic to come out.  Don't get me wrong-- I love all of the flowers & other plants.  They just make me sneeze & I can't breathe because of my asthma.  I wish I could enjoy them without the side effects. I mentioned the Memorial of Christ's Death.  If you would like more information about that event occurring March 27th, head on over to .  You can also comment here or email me at

Iowa Pit Stop- Maid Rite Amish Store & Diner

There was a time when I wasn't taking many pictures because I didn't think I would be writing anymore- but you can only suppress that writer for so long.  I came across this Amish Store when I pulled off the highway for a little break. There was some pretty neat stuph in the store.  I found a shawl that I liked- my first Amish purchase. The building also had a hamburger joint in it.  I got something to eat but wasn't much impressed by it.