It's Time To Spring Forward For Daylight Savings Time

Would someone remind me why we are doing this?  Arizona & Hawaii don't even participate in the ritual.  The only perk I see from changing our clocks is we get to be time travelers Saturday night.  If someone else can give me another benefit I am willing to listen.  It doesn't mean I will agree but I will listen. 😆

A lot of you are looking forward to Spring.  I get that you are tired of the cold weather but for me Spring just means more things that I am allergic to come out.  Don't get me wrong-- I love all of the flowers & other plants.  They just make me sneeze & I can't breathe because of my asthma.  I wish I could enjoy them without the side effects.

I mentioned the Memorial of Christ's Death.  If you would like more information about that event occurring March 27th, head on over to  You can also comment here or email me at


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