Sweet Finds In Scranton, Pennsylvania

The first time I went to New York a couple of years ago, I stopped in Scranton to see one of my friends.  I had been telling her I was coming to visit her for a couple of years-- I think she stopped believing me.  She was so surprised when I showed up.

She has a little diner called Paradise Soulfood & Sweets in the mall there.  She makes all kinds of yummy treats.  You never know what she will be cookin' up.  I got to sample her little cobblers the day I went to check out her set up.

The mall has a pretty cool elevator.  

There is also a train behind the mall and people were taking rides.  I kind of regret not riding it when I was there but I really didn't have time.

If you are ever in Scranton, be sure to check out Paradise Soulfood & Sweets.  It's pretty much guaranteed you will find something you like.  Tell her Cookie sent you.  😊


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