Cookie's Comments On Dessie's Cards

I found Dessie's Greeting Cards on Amazon & ordered two boxes.  They came packaged really nicely.  When I opened them, I was actually surprised at the quality of the cards.  I'm not sure why- I have never even heard of Dessie's before, so it's not like I had a negative experience with them.

The card stock is excellent.  It is very thick, and there is a lot of area to write on.  The designs are unique & so totally cute.  Each card is different.  It says a lot when a box of 50 cards has no 2 cards alike.  It shows that the producers are putting a lot of thought & effort into these items.  It shows that they care & they want to provide something that brings joy to the sender & the receiver of the card.

I checked out their website & discovered that they also have baby shower games.  I will be ordering cards from them again in the future & definitely recommend them to others.  Dessie's gets two big Cookie thumbs up!


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