Culture For Cookie At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

One of the main reasons I went to New York was to visit the Metropolitan Museum.  I had been planning this trip for about three years before I actually got to go.

There is a really cool fountain in front of the Museum.  I just loved it.  I could sit and watch it for hours.

I found it interesting that there are people who keep the sidewalk in front of the museum all clean and pretty.

There are several food trucks that sell food and drinks in front of the museum.  You can even get a hot gog.

There are many tours at the Met.  You can choose to have a tour guide or you can do self guided tours.  I went specifically for some tours where a guide discusses various artifacts and how they relate to Bible prophecy.  

These specific tours are actually virtual right now because of the pandemic, but the awesome thing is they are free.  You can even take part in virtual tours in Jerusalem.  This is totally awesome because many who would not be able to take a trip for such a tour can attend one online.  

I am so glad I got to go and take these tours and I know you will like them too.  If you have a chance to complete one, comment below and let me know what you thought of it.  


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