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Who Is Dolly Gray Arnett Jeffs

I always knew my grandmother as an old lady.  She was the best.  She always doted over me.  I would go to visit her & she would have all kinds of fun in store for me.  She had a coloring scroll tucked away just for me.  I would color in it every time I went to see her.  We would cook bacon & egg sandwiches, and she would let me help her make her boysenberry jam- YUM!  She would brush my hair & tell me stories.  Sometimes we would play cards & other games. After my dad died, I got a picture of my grandmother that was taken when she was rather young.  I was shocked at how beautiful she had been.  She looked like a movie star.  I just sat & looked at the picture for a long time in awe.  I still love to look at that picture.  I had it blown up & framed it. My beautiful grandmother grew up in a place called Sisson, California.  For years, I tried to figure out where this place was.  I finally learned that it was near Mount Shasta.  It was time for a road trip.  I had

A Brief Run Up To Boston

During my travels, I made a brief run through Boston, Massachusetts.  I had been there for about five minutes & couldn't wait to get out of there.  I hated it.  The people drive like angry maniacs.  To make matters worse, the area is confusing to drive around.  I felt like I was driving in circles & was never sure I was going the right way- even with GPS.  I found out later that was because the roads were created using old cattle trails.  What a mess.  I'm glad I can say that I have been there-but I never want to go back.   

Orchard Painting

This painting of an orchard on canvas is 18x14 inches.   It is representative of an orchard I passed back home in California. The cost is $100.

Dandelions- Annoying Weeds Or Beneficial For All Living Beings?

Some of my friends & I were having a discussion about Dandelions this morning.  One friend brought out how many people feel Dandelions are just annoying weeds & use weed killer to get rid of them so they can plant things that are not native to the area in which they live.   This is very sad because Dandelions actually serve some very useful & important purposes.  For one, their roots aerate the ground & facilitate the growth of grass & other plants.  They also help to fertilize plants around them. Another crucial job they have is to provide food for insects.  There have been recent campaigns to save bees & Monarchs.  One big way we can all help to achieve saving these species is to let the Dandelions grow. Dandelions also have many nutritional benefits for people.  Many enjoy an occasional cup of Dandelion tea.  Others put them in salads or use them for medicinal purposes.  Plus- ya gottta admit they are really pretty when you see a whole field of them.   Let&#3

The Saga Continues With New Information

I have been on the hunt for answers for years.  Just a few days ago, I got new information.  I decided to call the cemetery where my grandmother's headstone is to see if they had any information- JACKPOT.  One thing I learned is that my aunt arranged for my grandmother's headstone along with several others.  I was blown away by this.  My dad always made her out to be such a loser.   I was able to get several documents from one of the workers at the cemetery.  Normally, I would not share this type of information publicly- but since it is public information available to anyone I want to include them in this post.  Typically, I don't use photos that I haven't taken myself but there are exceptions and this is one of them. I wanted to share them because I hope doing so will help to find more answers.  Maybe someone will see my blog & recognize a name & contact me with more information.  I am totally excited about this new information, especially since it answered one

The Beautiful Bronx Zoo- Literally A Huge Garden With A Wide Variety Of Animals

The Bronx Zoo is amazing.  I could not believe all of the plants in this zoo.  It truly made the zoo-going experience even more enjoyable.  I am so glad I made the choice to visit this zoo. I always enjoy going to the zoo wherever I travel, but this one was definitely a special treat.  If you ever get the chance, you should definitely go.  In the meantime, enjoy these shots I captured during my visit.

Frosty Branches

One of my favorite things to photograph is snow or frost on branches. This canvas photo measures 12x12 inches. The cost is $45.

Cookie's (Outdoor) Kitchen- Breaking In My New Smoker

I used my new smoker for the first time the other day. I put some halibut that one of my friends gave me in there. I also threw a couple of small steaks in there. And just for fun I put some hamburgers in too. Soooo nummy.  I can't wait to use it again.  I have all kinds of ideas for this season.  Be sure to come back & see what I come up with.

The Mystery Of Me Continues

Periodically, I will do general searches using my dad's name & my grandmother's name just to see if anything new pops up.  A few years ago, I did one of these searches & discovered a picture of my grandmother's headstone. I was shocked.  I knew that my grandma had been cremated & my dad never told me he had a headstone placed for her.  It actually seemed rather odd because I knew my dad never really had extra money just lying around for such things-- and he never was really the sentimental type.  I decided I needed to investigate further. I made a trip to the town where my grandmother grew up-- Sisson, California.  I was able to locate the cemetery where this headstone had been placed.  What I found when I arrived there kind of blew me away.  Not only was I able to see her headstone, but I was able to look at headstones for other family members.  It was a family plot !   I was so excited.  I had dug up more names & even some dates.  I know, I know-- sick ref

Tulips In New York City

I was pleasantly surprised with the scenic view in many areas of New York.  I was so happy to find so many tulips.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The Exit Glacier

The Exit Glacier in Alaska is a dying breed.  It is one of the most well-known landmarks in Alaska. This natural wonder is a popular spot for hikers, with lots of trails that allow visitors to take in the awesome beauty of the area. I took this shot in the summer of 2019- just before the pandemic.  It was pretty exciting to see this beautiful sight.  I was just amazed at the view. This canvas photo is 16x20 inches and costs $100.

Cookie Unboxes Her New Toy

I bought a new grill & wanted to share my unboxing & assembling of it with you.  I am looking forward to making lots of yummy stuph this year & will be sharing some great ideas with you.  Happy grilling!

My Beautiful Grandma

My grandma was the best.  I used to love visiting her during school vacations.  Although my dad was secretive & would not let her talk much about the past, she had a couple of interesting stories she would tell me- like how she got her name.   When her mom was pregnant with her, friends & family members kept asking her parents what they were going to name her.  They would always say that they didn't know.  When she was born, she was so small that her dad said if her head fit in his coffee cup they were going to name her Dolly.  I loved my gramma so much.  She died when I was 14.  Sometimes, I get really sad because I still miss her. I knew she had a brother & a sister.  I never met her sister, Ila.  My dad didn't like her.  He always made snide comments about her.  But that's a story for another post lol.  I met her brother.  He lived in a town about 20 minutes away from where I lived & my dad took me with him once when he had to go there for something.  His

Winter In Buffalo Was Amazing!

I absolutely LOVED the winter I spent in Buffalo.  It was so amazing. I saw so many things I had never had an opportunity to see before.  I had so many exciting new experiences. One of my favorite things was the frosty plants.  I had seen them in pictures & movies before, but it was so awesome to be able to see them in person.  And they made for some great pictures- and you know how I love to take pictures. 😏 Even Trent got in on the fun & got a little frosty.  It was his first snowy experience as well. This looks like a stained glass window, but it is actually "freezing rain" that stuck to the window.  I thought it looked so cool.  I feel it was such a privilege to be able to have this wonderful experience & wouldn't trade it for anything!

Update On The Walmart Fiasco

Sooo...I got a call from Walmart and was able to get a refund for the amount they overcharged me.  They still have a TON of the Hot Hands on their shelves.  I hope they like having them there. Those phones that can take pictures & videos can be a great tool to keep from getting ripped off.  Sometimes, it can even motivate businesses to provide better service-- sometimes .

Cookie Captures the Canadian Mountains

Canada definitely has some spectacular mountain ranges.  I captured some of these breathtaking scenic views.   This is one of my favorite shots.  This is a 16x20 inch canvas print.  The cost of this photo is $100.   I am so glad I got the opportunity to make the drive through Canada.  Not everyone has the circumstances to make such a trip-- especially now in the midst of this pandemic.  I look forward to sharing more of this amazing experience in future posts.

Cookie Has Been Cabaling For An Entire Year!!!

It has been a great year.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing my posts as much as I have enjoyed posting them.  I have so much more to share with you, and no doubt there will be new topics that I come up with in the future. I already have some fun stuph in store for you.  In fact, I have already started some new segments.  Keep checking back for updates so you don't miss anything.  I hope you are having as much fun in your adventure as I am in mine.

Where Did Cookie Come From? The Anomaly Of Me

I have often wondered about my ancestors on my dad’s side of my family.  I know some about my mom’s side but virtually nothing about my dad’s side.  My dad never really liked to talk about his family.  I knew my grandmother well, but other than that—basically nothing.  My grandmother used to like to tell me stories about her life but my dad would not let her say a lot. I periodically type my dad’s name and my grandmother’s name in to do searches on them but don’t typically come up with too much.   I find a tidbit here and there, but it doesn’t amount to much.   A few years ago, I decided to start a tree on   I even did the “spit test” to see if I could find any DNA matches.   I also did one for 23andme after a couple of years of not finding much on without any additional success.   In fact, I like better because it contains more information and is more user friendly. My dad has been a bit of an enigma .   I have not been able to find ANYTHING

Canadian Highway Photo On Canvas

I snapped this shot when I drove through Canada in May of 2019.  It is hard to believe that it has already been two years since I took that trek. This canvas photo is 16x20 inches.  It shows the road empty-- which is what it was like for hundreds of miles.  No other cars were on the road-- not even patrol cars. The cost of this photo is $100.  Let me know if you are interested-- and be sure to keep an eye out for more photos in the future. 👧