Dandelions- Annoying Weeds Or Beneficial For All Living Beings?

Some of my friends & I were having a discussion about Dandelions this morning.  One friend brought out how many people feel Dandelions are just annoying weeds & use weed killer to get rid of them so they can plant things that are not native to the area in which they live.  
This is very sad because Dandelions actually serve some very useful & important purposes.  For one, their roots aerate the ground & facilitate the growth of grass & other plants.  They also help to fertilize plants around them.
Another crucial job they have is to provide food for insects.  There have been recent campaigns to save bees & Monarchs.  One big way we can all help to achieve saving these species is to let the Dandelions grow.
Dandelions also have many nutritional benefits for people.  Many enjoy an occasional cup of Dandelion tea.  Others put them in salads or use them for medicinal purposes.  Plus- ya gottta admit they are really pretty when you see a whole field of them.  
Let's all try to remember these fun facts the next time we see a Dandelion in the yard.  


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