The Mystery Of Me Continues

Periodically, I will do general searches using my dad's name & my grandmother's name just to see if anything new pops up.  A few years ago, I did one of these searches & discovered a picture of my grandmother's headstone.
I was shocked.  I knew that my grandma had been cremated & my dad never told me he had a headstone placed for her.  It actually seemed rather odd because I knew my dad never really had extra money just lying around for such things-- and he never was really the sentimental type.  I decided I needed to investigate further.
I made a trip to the town where my grandmother grew up-- Sisson, California.  I was able to locate the cemetery where this headstone had been placed.  What I found when I arrived there kind of blew me away.  Not only was I able to see her headstone, but I was able to look at headstones for other family members.  It was a family plot!  
I was so excited.  I had dug up more names & even some dates.  I know, I know-- sick reference for discoveries found in the graveyard.
Be sure to come back next week so see what else I found during this trip.


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