The Saga Continues With New Information

I have been on the hunt for answers for years.  Just a few days ago, I got new information.  I decided to call the cemetery where my grandmother's headstone is to see if they had any information- JACKPOT.  One thing I learned is that my aunt arranged for my grandmother's headstone along with several others.  I was blown away by this.  My dad always made her out to be such a loser.  

I was able to get several documents from one of the workers at the cemetery.  Normally, I would not share this type of information publicly- but since it is public information available to anyone I want to include them in this post.  Typically, I don't use photos that I haven't taken myself but there are exceptions and this is one of them.

I wanted to share them because I hope doing so will help to find more answers.  Maybe someone will see my blog & recognize a name & contact me with more information.  I am totally excited about this new information, especially since it answered one big question I had.  I have some information about my grandmother's mother but was confused about one of the last names I had come across.  A note that my aunt had written cleared that right up.  More on that later.  

I also learned from this new information that my great-aunt's name was actually spelled Ilau and not Ila.  She died in Glenn County in California in 1979.  This is around the time my dad took me to Bud's house, so I am wondering if that was the reason for the trip.  I will keep on the search for answers.  Be sure to come back each Monday to see what I have found.


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