Where Did Cookie Come From? The Anomaly Of Me

I have often wondered about my ancestors on my dad’s side of my family.  I know some about my mom’s side but virtually nothing about my dad’s side.  My dad never really liked to talk about his family.  I knew my grandmother well, but other than that—basically nothing.  My grandmother used to like to tell me stories about her life but my dad would not let her say a lot.

I periodically type my dad’s name and my grandmother’s name in to do searches on them but don’t typically come up with too much.  I find a tidbit here and there, but it doesn’t amount to much.  A few years ago, I decided to start a tree on Ancestry.com.  I even did the “spit test” to see if I could find any DNA matches.  I also did one for 23andme after a couple of years of not finding much on Ancestry.com without any additional success.  In fact, I like Ancestry.com better because it contains more information and is more user friendly.

My dad has been a bit of an enigma.  I have not been able to find ANYTHING about him.  Although daddy never let grandma tell many stories, he was a bit of a storyteller himself.  He claimed that during his lifetime he had been a chef and a paramedic.  He had also invented Cheerios.  Yes, I am royalty—the Cheerios heiress…NOT!  The only thing that he told me that is true is that he was a wing walker.  And the reason I know this is true is because I have pictures.  Yup—that’s right folks.  Now you know what is wrong with me😅. 

Each Monday I will be sharing a little more of what I have found along with whatever I dig up in the future.  I hope you find my investigating as fun and interesting as I do.  I already have a few quirky facts that you will find amusing.  See you next week.


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