Who Is Dolly Gray Arnett Jeffs

I always knew my grandmother as an old lady.  She was the best.  She always doted over me.  I would go to visit her & she would have all kinds of fun in store for me.  She had a coloring scroll tucked away just for me.  I would color in it every time I went to see her.  We would cook bacon & egg sandwiches, and she would let me help her make her boysenberry jam- YUM!  She would brush my hair & tell me stories.  Sometimes we would play cards & other games.
After my dad died, I got a picture of my grandmother that was taken when she was rather young.  I was shocked at how beautiful she had been.  She looked like a movie star.  I just sat & looked at the picture for a long time in awe.  I still love to look at that picture.  I had it blown up & framed it.
My beautiful grandmother grew up in a place called Sisson, California.  For years, I tried to figure out where this place was.  I finally learned that it was near Mount Shasta.  It was time for a road trip.  I had seen the picture of her headstone online & wanted to check that out.  I also wanted to go to the Sisson Museum to see if I could learn anything about the Arnetts there.  
One of the docents told me that the town Historian had accumulated tons of information about Dolly & her family.  Unfortunately, she had just recently died.  However, her daughter would probably be able to help me out once she got back to town.  The only problem was the docent was not allowed to give out this woman's personal information.  I was ever so happy to give her my phone number to pass along.  In the meantime, she helped me find a yearbook with my grandmother's name in it. 
Grandma Dolly was a sophomore in 1920.  She was class secretary & treasurer as well as the Girl's Athletics Business Manager.  She was also in the Drama Club.
I found out that her childhood home was still standing & that it had been made a National Landmark.  It made me so happy that my grandmother's home was safe from destruction.  I went to see it.  Of course, it had been remodeled.  I mean- a house that old does not keep standing without some upkeep & remodeling.  It was beautiful!  I knocked on the door but no one was home.  I left a note with my contact information hoping that I would be able to see inside before I left town.  Unfortunately, I did not hear from the residents.  Oh well- at least I got to see her house & get some more information.
I did hear from the Historian's daughter.  It turns out we are cousins!  How cool is that?  She was going to dig up some more information & get back to me.  That was several years ago & I never heard anything back from her.  I really should get in touch with her again.  She probably got busy & more than likely lost my number.  I know my life has been a whirlwind since then LOL.  Her life is no doubt just as busy.
Be sure to check back next week for more fun in Arnett world.  


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