Fatty Friday vs Freedom Friday

I deliberated about what to call this new segment.  At first, I thought about calling it Fatty Friday but then for reasons stated in the video I decided Freedom Friday was more appropriate.  I refuse to stay this size (or bigger) for any longer.  It is time for me to complete the final stage of my emersion from the dungeon.
I just want to say that this is not intended to be a weight loss tutorial or some sort of advice to others.  This is my own personal journey that I am sharing.  If you need or want help with weight loss or any other health related issues, it is important to consult your medical provider or health specialist.  Every person is different.  Each person has different needs & will have different results.
It would, however, give me great joy if my sharing this very personal part of my adventure helped someone else to conquer some challenge in their life.  Every person has challenges or fears that they need to overcome.  If my experience helps you with yours, I would love to hear about it- if you want to share, of course.  Feel free to comment below my posts at any time.  And be sure to click the subscribe button at the top of the page so you won't miss anything.


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