Freedom Friday First Success

Sharing this part of my adventure was not an easy jump to make.  I had weeks of hesitation before I finally committed & posted my first entry for Freedom Friday.  Maybe it would be easier if I were some kind of health specialist or diet coach or something but I'm not.  I just am the type of person that needs to be accountable to someone else in order to succeed.  Knowing that others are watching & aware of my progress helps me stay focused & determined.  The first post was the hardest.  This week was much easier & I think it will just become second nature to make this post once I really get in the routine of it.  

I also like to help others.  So, even though I am not a therapist in this area I am hoping that my experiences will help others to seek out help to overcome their obstacles.  Because I know my weight problem involves more than just my eating habits, this will likely be a rocky road- but I am ready to break this last link in the chain.  I just hope that the things I learn along the way will help you.  Keep smiling & enjoy your adventure.


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