I Found Heaven In Lincoln, Nebraska

As I was driving around in Lincoln, Nebraska, I happened to spot a park.  It looked like a nice place.  Besides, I saw tulips & you know how I feel about tulips.
I got out to take a picture of the tulips & check out the park.  I got my photo & started walking down the path.  It wasn't long before I spotted more tulips.  
After capturing those as well, I continued on- more tulips.
I finally reached the main part of the park & was astounded at what I saw.  The entire park was filled with all different kinds of tulips!
I was so happy.  I had never seen so many tulips in one place- still haven't.  I am so glad I went to Lincoln & that I got to see these beautiful flowers.
I got there just in time too.  The next week I went back & they were pulling up all the wilting tulips & preparing to plant something else.  
Lincoln in spring is the place to be.


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