Sunset On the Highway

This photo was taken on an Alaska Highway.  I just love how beautiful Alaska is.
It measures 16x20 inches.
This canvas photo is priced at $100.
Be sure to enter my new contest. 

Anyone can enter by following the steps below:
    1.  Share a link to my blog on a social
         media sight.
    2.  Tag me in your post on Twitter
         @CookieArnett or Cookie J Arnett
          on other sites.
         Send a screen shot to my email at
         (Don't forget to include your
           contact info in your entry)
    3.  Watch the live drawing each
          Thursday at 9:00 a.m. on my
          YouTube channel.
          (I will include a link to it in my
           blog post on Thursdays in case
           you miss the live drawing)
    4.  If you are the winner, go to my
         blog & pick out anything I have for
         sale as your prize.
    5.  Have fun!

Easy peasy cheddar cheezy 😎


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