Who's Your Daddy?

So, last week I was discussing all of the aliases being used by people in my family.  One question I posed was- who in the world is Rynn Morton?  An interesting theory has been brought to my attention.  Since the supposed Lynn senior wrote his name all fancy shmancy, maybe someone read his L as an R.  Perhaps.  But that does not explain all of the other name changing nonsense that went on.

For instance, it has already been established that my dad had supposedly been named Lynn H- for Hunley, Huntley, Huley- WHATEVER.  Well then, why is he listed on his draft card as Beau Joseph Titus?  I know this can't be someone else because what are the chances of my grandmother having two different sons on the exact same day & giving them two different last names?  Doubtful.  And documents show that she changed his name from Lynn to Beau.  And it can't be that he was using Cyrus' middle name because, as you can see above, Cyrus' middle initial was M.  Again I ask- WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?

Another document I found shows my dad was married to an Ethel Anne.  I think I know who this person was, but again I can't be sure with all of the monkey business that was going on.  Their divorce took place in 1978.  That was when I was 8.  I remember him taking me to Sacramento once to visit a "friend" of his.  We went to this woman's house & her name was Anne.  She had a daughter about my age & a very mean duck named Herman.  I think this visit was right around the time of their divorce & maybe he was retrieving the rest of his stuph or settling up something related to that.  

My mom had told me that shortly after my dad had married her she found out he was already married to someone else.  So, she booted him.  I just assumed the other woman had maybe done the same.  He never told me he was married to Anne.  It probably just seemed easier to him to not let me in on his marriage to her.  Now I know it was just another lie.  That leads me to wonder though.  Ancestry.com says that they had a daughter.  Does that mean that the little girl I played with that day was actually my half sister?  Or did they just call her his daughter & she isn't really his?  Soooo many questions.


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