Freedom Friday- Awareness

Even though I did not lose any weight this week, it was a good week.  I still reached my goal of drinking more water & increased my activity as well.  I also learned some things about how my system processes what I ingest & how things affect me.

I didn't like the way I felt after I ate some prepackaged food that had who knows what in it.  This will help me to avoid eating them again- even though they taste good.  It's just not worth it.  Knowing how these foods affect me is already changing the way I feel about these foods.  They are starting to lose their appeal.  I'm actually really glad I made the mistake of going off track & eating them this week because it helped me become more aware of how they affect me.

This coming week, I want to continue drinking 8 glasses of water a day.  I also want to increase my activity more.  I will aim for a 5 pound weight loss.  I am confident I can do it since I won't be consuming any more processed foods.  I am still happy with what I have accomplished so far & am optimistic about upcoming weeks.


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