Hiding Out In Fairview, Utah

I passed through a big little town in Utah by the name of Fairview a couple of years ago.  I call it a big little town because for a place with a population of just over 1,300 it has a lot of neat stuph.  For instance, I discovered a pretty cool resort there called the Skyline Mountain Resort with a lot of year round fun stuph to do.  I even got to stay there for free because I told them I would write about them!
I got to stay in a comfy cabin stocked with everything I might need.  They even had snacks out on the table!  I played in the snow and got to see some deer while I was there.  
The spacious resort includes 5 cabins.  One of them has a roll-in shower for handicapped vacationers.  They also have a wide variety of other amenities including RV sites, camp sites, a 9-hole golf course and more.  Skyline Mountain Resort even contains a Residential Home Owners Community.  
Visitors are invited to use the pool, which has an awesome slide.  Other recreational activities vacationers can take advantage of in Sanpete County include fishing, hunting, skiing, and off-roading.  One particularly popular activity of the area is snowkiting.  The resort is off the beaten path, so the area is pretty serene and relaxing.  If you are ever in the area, you should totally stay there- and tell 'em Cookie sent you.


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