Jay Bob

The morning sun shines through the glass.

I sit alone, contemplating my day.

Tasks await as I spin away the time

just sitting here.

I conclude in my mind that it is time to act.

I rise and drift outside, broom in hand.

I begin my chore moving back and forth when

a sound catches my ear.

I survey the scene looking for the cause of the sound.

I spot it alas, perched atop my roof.

“Don’t you do it, Jay Bob,” I beseech.

“Please be a dear.”

I finish my duty with one final stroke.

I look around, satisfied with my achievement.

I abandon the outside and close my door just as

he lets out a jeer.

He begins his destruction to my fine accomplishment.

He throws sticks and leaves, the cocky little Jay.

I watch my walkway become contaminated again.

It will ne’er stay clean I fear.


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