Scandal In The Family Tree

I am re-sharing the 1940 census that I previously included in my post about Ilau.  The reason I am doing this is because something caught my attention that I had not noticed before.  I found it interesting that Ilau's daughter, Vivian, had the last name of Arnett rather than Morrison.  I am assuming that this means that Ilau gave birth to Vivian after she divorced Georgie Porgie & that George is not Vivian's father.
I discovered a page from a high school yearbook that I believe to show Vivian.  I am not completely sure it is her because there are several Vivian Arnetts listed on  It appears she was involved in sports.
She married Walter Little Jr. on February 21, 1943.  He was a Corporal in the US Marine Corp.  He went to the University of San Francisco & became an attorney.  
A 1949 Alhambra, California, directory shows that Vivian became a stenographer- which makes sense since Walter was an attorney.  
I do find it a little odd, though, that she is listed without Walter.
I hope to learn more about these two as I continue in my search for answers.


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