Why Daddy Hated Aunt Ilau

In my searching around, I found several trees on Ancestry.com that are linked to Ila/Illa/Ilau.  There was not much new information on these pages.  The only thing I really found was a 1934 Sacramento, California, Directory showing that she was living with Georgie Porgie on Folsom Boulevard.  
I used to wonder why daddy always talked despairingly about her.  I discovered why when I was about 8 or 9.  I asked him how it happened & he said Ila caused it.  He said that when he was about 10 he was riding in the car with Ila.  It got dark & there was something wrong with her headlights, so she had him sit on the hood with a flashlight.  She wrecked the car & he was thrown off.  I know, I know- it sounds wild & daddy did like to tell tall tales, but this story was confirmed by someone else so I'm pretty confident it's accurate.
Ila had three daughters, so we will move on to them next week.


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