Grandma's Childhood Home In Sisson, California, Is In Danger

The Antelope Fire in the Shasta area is threatening my grandmother's childhood home.  This makes me sad- I hope it survives this ordeal.  I know it would break my grandmother's heart to see this if she were alive.  

My grandmother's childhood home is not the only treasure there.  You might recall from some of my previous posts that she grew up in Sisson, California.  That town has a cute little museum that stores precious historical memories.  A fish hatchery is also located at the museum.  It would be a shame if all of that was lost in a fire.  I really hope this little town- and the towns around it- survive this fire.

All of these California towns being destroyed by fire the past few years really gets to me.  I grew up near many of these towns.  Several years ago, I almost moved to Paradise- the town that burned up in the 2019 Camp Fire.  Thinking about that unnerved me a little.

I know I always tell people that half of California is always on fire, but it typically hasn't affected towns as much as it has in the past few years.  When you have complete towns destroyed by fire, it gets more scary.  I feel bad for those who live there, but I am glad I am not there anymore.


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