Great-Grandpa William Arnett- One Of Many Williams

My grandmother's dad was William L Arnett.  I have posted this 1900 census record in other posts, but for completion sake I will post it here for Great-Grandpa William as well.  At this point, they had two children, Eugenie & Ila.
The 1910 census shows Grandma Dolly had joined the brood & Eugenie had died.
The 1920 census record reveals Ilau had flown the coop & Dolly, Laurence & David were living at home.  I posted all of this information previously, but I want the records to be tied to each individual.  This will make it easier to keep up as things get even more tangled up.  
A voter registration record for Siskiyou county noted that Great-Grandpa William was a laborer. 
A voter registration record for Sisson, which is in Siskiyou County, lists both Great-Grandpa William & Great-Grandma Mary.
His death record states that he was born in 1871 in Lassen County.  He died in 1925 in San Francisco, California.  This is noteworthy because my dad was born in 1926- which means he never met his grandfather.  How sad.
Great-Grandpa William was buried in the Mount Shasta Memorial Park


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