California Is On Fire- Again

Many are concerned about the California wildfires.  It seems that each year half of California is on fire.  I have to admit that the past few years have been worse though.  I grew up living with the California wild fires- but when Paradise was destroyed a few years ago it really affected me.  I had always loved Paradise and almost moved there at one point.  I could not - and still cannot believe that entire town went up in smoke.  It brings a tear to my eye still today.
With my brother being evacuated twice this year, the current fires really hit home with me.  I am very happy that I no longer have to deal with these yearly events but find myself concerned for my brother- and others that I am close to that still live in California.
Some of the most recent news stories express concern about the Giant Sequoias.  This got me thinking about the Redwoods.  They are safe for now, but it would be a shame to lose a large population of either the Sequoias or the Redwoods to these fires.  It would also be a tragedy for yet another town to be consumed by these uncontrollable fires.  
It is a sad fact that these wildfires will take place every year in California.  Some are caused by lightening or other natural factors and some are sparked by demented pyromaniacs.  It is sad to think that there are individuals out there who have no regard for human life and start these fires for their own twisted amusement.  
I just hope that everyone in the areas of any fire or natural disaster are exercising prudent judgment and taking the appropriate precautions.  And if you have the opportunity and resources to help someone experiencing a tragedy related to a natural disaster, please take that opportunity.


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